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ALGATEX is a start-up company dedicated to the research

and development of Algae based products for Mass market fashion.

Established in 2019 in Sydney, Australia, ALGATEX is a

team of 3 driven individuals who have a passion for achieving sustainability in the toxic Fashion Industry.

Each member has a specialises in a range of fields including Fashion, Innovation and  Environmental 

Engineering. We are looking to merge these skills to develop a variety of products that utilise Algae cells; to eliminate the need for the use of Heavy Metals and Toxic Contaminants from the Dye processes and Fabrications used in fast fashion garments. 

Currently we are conducting research into Algae based dyes and Mordants that have low impact on the environment in their life cycle.

We are based within UTS startups and work in in a lab facility in collaboration with The Kings School Parramatta. 

We are currently participating in the Greenlight accelerator program at the University of Technology Sydney. 

The Green Light Program is dedicated to supporting the development of algae biotech solutions in NSW, across a broad range of industries.

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